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Student 6: JLo featuring Fat Joe “Holding You Down” (lyrics on video)

Student 5: Mya “Fallen” (lyrics in video)

Student 4: Bob Marley “Waiting In Vain” (lyrics in video)

Student 3: Buju Banton “Wanna Be Loved” (lyrics on screen)

Student 2: Maxwell “This Women’s Work” (lyrics in video)

Student 1: Tupac “Do For Love” (lyrics in video)

A playlist from class today w/guest @BlackAmazon

yeah i’mma let you take a moment to let your jealousy subside b/c we spent our morning w/@BlackAmazon today….

Ok, she led us through convos on love, digital archiving of WOC work online, etc. it was fabulous. it was thoughtful, liberating, i think it was really what the women in my class needed for this long weekend (none of the fellas showed up for class today!). 

They were asked to pick a song from their audio players they have that speaks to their ideas of love, that they love, etc. here’s what they came up with (including my own).

Student 1: Tupac “Do For Love”

Student 2: Maxwell “This Women’s Work”

Student 3: Buju Banton “Wanna Be Loved”

Student 4: Bob Marley “Waiting in Vain”

Student 5: Mya “Falling”

Professor: Big Freedia “Feelin Myself”

Student 6: JLo ft. Fat Joe “Hold You Down”

Imma post the vids to the songs so you can see and hear how dope my students are (and I’ll also try to find lyrics for each song too!)