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Rebloggable response to: Resources for “coming out” as trans to Spanish-only speaking parents

A question I received and responded to in private. Making this rebloggable so that folks can see what my response is but more importantly for trans* Latin@s to share the resources they find useful.

hi! yes there are some publications that may be useful. PFLAG has two in Spanish that may be useful one called Si Tu Mismo (link opens to PDF) and Nuestros hijas y hijos preguntas y respuestas para padres de gays, lesbianas, y bisexuales (although only focusing on LGB the language may be useful) and Welcoming our trans family is also a resource but in english.

The Trevor Project has an online chat and one is MONDAY today which may be useful 

TransYouth Family Allies (TYFA) have resources in Spanish that may be useful. One on vocabularyFAQ, and counseling.

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project website is in Spanish. 

REDLACTRANS (Latin American and Caribbean Transgender Network) has information by country of origin. 

I hope this is helpful! I’m sending privately vs public but will post on my tumblr too as an anon question so other folks can provide the resources they find useful! If you are in a specific area and want to have me put you in contact w/folks in that area let me know! 

You are loved and important and i appreciate you! 



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