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But as a category, liberation theology, which often draws heavily on Marxist analysis, is not ethnocentric. It has been taken up by oppressed groups including third world peoples, Latinos, Asians and other American ethnic minorities. Its most famous text, “A Theology of Liberation,” published in 1971 by the Peruvian priest Gustavo Gutiérrez, is associated primarily with Latin American Christianity.

Since his and Dr. Cone’s books, lesbian, gay and other queer theologians have developed a liberation theology of sexuality. Black women propound what they call womanist theology, and Latina women have taken up “mujerista” theology, for the Spanish word for “womanist.”

The founding mother of mujerista theology, Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz, a Cuban-American who taught at Drew University, died May 13. She is remembered for the radical step of doing theological field work, talking to Latina women for theological insights that scholars might not glean from books. In works like “En La Lucha” (“In the Struggle”), she used interviews with Latina women, and their descriptions of prayer and religious rituals and festivals, to elaborate the Latina relationship to Christianity, and to the Bible.

“Hispanic women’s experience and our struggle for survival, not the Bible, are the source of our theology and the starting point for how we should interpret, appropriate, and use the Bible,” Ms. Isasi-Diaz wrote in “Mujerista Theology,” published in 1996.

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