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Anonymous asked you: what can a cis white person do show solidarity (if that’s the correct word) with trans poc etc?

posting this as a rebloggable response so others can also share suggestions, resources, ideas, etc.

i think this is an important question. I also think it’s important to ask trans people esp trans POC this question so I’m hoping some of them can provide links to their writing that they find useful to answering this question (and there are many folks who i know that are trans POC that may respond).

as an ally and queer person i too have cis-privilege and this is a process for all cis-folks who are working to be allies. it is a process of unlearning, healing, and is not “easy” and we will fuck it up, its about what and how we respond to those fuck ups. it’s important, for me at least, to be introspective and do reflexive work (i.e. being astute, recognizing and being willing to listen and hear what folks have to say about their lives and what i did wrong, or did less than exceptionally, or that i continue to do that oppresses, etc.). Recognize that a LOT of people do hard work quietly (i.e. listening and thinking, etc.) doing our own research and educating ourselves. being mindful of language and how it is important for many folks and says a lot about where we are and where we are coming from and who we will build with (i.e not recognizing white supremacy, how it impacts us all, how it is a structural form of nation-state violence, etc. etc.). being an ally does not mean we get to claim any awards, honors, recognition other than our own process of accountability. 

there are tons of resources, i’d first suggest listening to the narratives and testimonios shared in films such as Toilet Training which is a documentary created and sold by the Sylvia Rivera Law Project and they offer it w/curriculum on a sliding scale fee. check out the trailer here. there are also lots of texts to read as well and here are some resources and suggestions via Trans Alliance Society that has additional texts, films, etc. 

I dont know your gender anon as you id’ as a “cis white person” but i think watching past shows of Girl Talk: A Cis and Trans Woman Dialogue may be useful too. This is a series that has been around for a while in CA and co-curated by Julia Serrano, Elena Rose and Gina de Vries. 2009 presenters/performers,  2010, 2011, 2012 . There are videos of this series on youtube as well in parts. From my knowledge (and I could be wrong, but looking up these last 4 events) there does not seem to be any Black trans women included in the line up. 

What suggestions do others have? I want to remind folks that it’s important for trans POC and people especially to speak (and have) so if you have links you’d like to offer that you know of by them please share. All of us can learn from this question, especially light(er) skinned POC.

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