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Learn to dance with Idris Elba - GM


Learn to dance with Idris Elba - GM



Hurray! I finally found the time to complete her! I’m so pleased with how this illustration turned out. It really feels like her personality and feelings come through and that makes me happy. I hope you all fall in love with her as much as I did creating her!


My gabifresh midkini just arrived and I could not be more satisfied!

PORN BLOGS: DO. NOT. REBLOG. I do not want my face or body to be associated with your content. Please show some respect!


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fat and dark skinned Black girls


Just want you to know, you’re not forgotten.

You matter. You’re memorable. You’re everything.

Your Existence Matters.


Clarity Haynes

Clarity Haynes a Brooklyn-based painter, focuses on non-traditional images and ideas of womanhood, beauty, sexuality and gender expression.
‘The Breast Portrait Project’ also explores illness, aging, mortality and the shifting nature of the body. Clarity explains: “I am interested in the many ways the body changes throughout a lifetime, and in the ways in which we create and change our bodies”.


just fyi if you ask for “extra credit” from your prof

that’s MORE WORK for us esp if we are POC professors or adjunct. we don’t get paid extra as adjunct instructors to do MORE work we are ALREADY severely lowly paid for.

just keep this in mind. instead, perhaps, ask if your extra credit could be to help a student who needs help in class (i.e. tutoring in the class if you’ve missed absences but have a b and desire an a, helping w/editing if you are good w/that, scheduling a study session for the final and taking the lead to organize a study sheet for the class) basically get creative in a way that could HELP your professor (esp your adjunct one) and give you a skill you can also use on your working resume.

don’t just make it all about YOUR success, think about how your request impacts others too.

be mindful.

to read

so then i read this. 

i wouldn’t mind this, but i’d need to be w/both of them not just one. sharing all around

summer stage this summer seems underwhelming. buika is coming. but eh on others. last year we had so many good ones, now i feel out of what’s ‘in’. like how did they not get (or try to get) laura mvula?

check out the schedule here

it’s like where’s waldo but for bi’s boo